I don’t know why they spent millions on that Collider-thing
when every morning, noon and night I feel atoms holding tight
colliding, crashing and exploding on the inside
You may need an MRI, a blood-test, but no reason why
it’s all here, I can tell you the status, the digits climbing high.

Look into my eyes, listen to my heart that cries
read the first and last lines of where it all begins
The universe and a theory of everything
You don’t need to look at the stars
cause here, you feel? It’s all within!

Here’s the sun and the stars, in my chest is where we are
Here are the neutrons and the way they make us feel sunny
exciting and therefore make our blood get hot and runny
You may not find consistency in everything I feel in me
but in here’s all proof you need and you can get almost for free…


The reason why I still exist, like the universe also insists
It’s in the way my body is drawn to holding hands like porn
and sticking to eachother like there’s no one else born
to the one you see me with in the streets, with whom every day I meet
The universe expands on the feeling of love, still pending.


Stefan Pietersen
Stefan Pietersen
Stefan Pietersen: werd ooit gèboren en daarna steeds wedergeboren en worstelt zich middels liedjes, gedichten, toneelteksten, verhalen en wat niet nog meer; is er eigenlijk nòg meer tussen hemel en diepe depressie?, tot elke dag weer herboren wordt in schoonheid.