Zoek de clue in onderstaande reply om dit hele verhaal qua datum te kunnen plaatsen…

Hello Svetlana, Sorry about the late reply but as I said before, I would not have internet access this past weekend and today I started to work a bit late because I forgot about daylight savings time which just started this weekend. I always forget that, so once a year I’m late for work when I genuinely didn’t mean to be. And also once a year I’m early for work. But of course no boss ever cares about that second bit. Ahwell, what are you going to do ?
I’m sorry to hear that the incident with your friend has gotten you in a bad mood. I don’t know what the rules are for throwing a girl or woman over there, but here that would never happen. There are very strict rules you have to abide by here if you want to be tossing a woman. Every adult man here has to read the instructions book to wijfwerpen as we call it. It’s very specific but it needs to be, men throwing women need to know what they’re in for. There’s a minimum distance of five yards to respect, so if you’re going to do it, you really have to train first, which stops a lot of men from just throwing a woman in a fit of throwing passion. There’s also the big fines you can get if you throw her buitenspel, I suppose you can call that the ‘foul area’ in English. And you go straight to jail for at least three hours if she lands on her face. All in all, it has stopped Dutch and Belgian men a lot from throwing their women in parks, streets and off balconys. It only happens about two, at most three times a day now here. So in comparison to the times before the rules were instated, it doesn’t happen that often. I myself have only thrown about seven women last year, in fact. So there’s really very little to worry about.
I like the flower in the last picture. What is it called, do you happen to know ? Warm greetings, René

To Be Continued…

René van Densen
René van Densen
René van Densen (1978) is een cynische dromer, een lachende pessimist, een realistische romanticus, een honklosse kluizenaar, een intelligente mafkees, een bedachtzame schreeuwer, een podiumschuwe polderpoëet, ex-nachtburgemeester van Tilburg, ex-striptekenaar, ex-schrijver, ex-webdeveloper, ex-vuilnisman, ex-kind en ex-volwassene, ex-burger, en kattenpapa van een Gentse terror kitten. Eerste Nederbelg die toetrad tot de Wolven van La Mancha. Maar is uiteindelijk niet zo van de collectieven. U treft hem uitsluitend in vrouwonvriendelijke omgevingen aan, en die nieuwe roman van hem komt ook nooit af. Werd al eens omschreven als "onbegonnen werk" door een prachtige blondine.

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