I have been drinking and I want you to know
Still seeing things clearly and with a few more I will
Tell you what truth is and how to survive it
I’ll tell you the world and will even make it so.

Forgive him, he was already boozing before
Forgive us, we’re still catching up to his twenty-four….

You still have to learn to like me and love me
I’m still at the start of a wonderful career
I’m stalling the stardom every time I write a good song
It’s very hard for me to write anything wrong…


I don’t do crack
Don’t do any of the hard drugs
Don’t do rape, mutilation
Don’t do anything anal
But I’ll catch up and I’ll beat you
In the drinking of fair
And I’m warning you not to harm me
With a breath of fresh air.


Stefan Pietersen
Stefan Pietersen
Stefan Pietersen: werd ooit gèboren en daarna steeds wedergeboren en worstelt zich middels liedjes, gedichten, toneelteksten, verhalen en wat niet nog meer; is er eigenlijk nòg meer tussen hemel en diepe depressie?, tot elke dag weer herboren wordt in schoonheid.