(Gevoelig #multiplechoicevers)

De Nederlanden zijn ’n KaUTe-land
Des winters zie je voor ogen geen hand

De Nederlanden zijn géén kutland
Als ge in de problemen zijt
reikt eenieder u zijn (m/v/x) hand

(Disclaimer: excuses)

Soul Food
Soul Food
In the early seventies, mister Soul Food (born ‘Seelefutter’, Frankfurt am Main, May 5 th 1955) maintained an intense friendship with Long Island-raised, American popmusician Lou Reed.
As a kind of a tribute to his German-born apprentice, the NYC-man Reed dedicated one line of his famous song Walk on the Wild Side to mister Seelefutter, which means ‘Soul Food’ in English:
‘Looking for Soul Food and a place to eat’. (second line of the forth stanza.)
Since that time, Seelefutter strolls through life as his alter ego ‘Soul Food’. Under this name, the bloke produced some of the most enticing blogposts ever composed, which can all be found on our website.
In recent years, Soul Food received several extremely prominent, international blogawards.
For example: The 2007-edition of the ‘Blog your ass off-award’, probably the most notable honour a blogging creature on the surface of the world can possibly gain.
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