Dag: 6 augustus 2013

Bluesy feel

Just want to stay in bed today
Just don’t care for the world
Just cry myself a river
or join another cult

Just ease into my private bubble-thingy
no better time than now

Just set the record straight today
this wil be my vow

Just live your life without me babe
as if I even care
A handkiss and a wave goodbye
no, life is never fair

Just let me have the blues
– for godsake –
Just leave me alone

No one gives a monkey’s ass
I’m in my ugly zone

Just a moment
or a day
I tell you
let me be

I’ll get out of this eventually

Just you wait and see

And I will pick the stars that night
dance in the dark
– For real –

Just a silly thing to do
to loose that bluesy feel


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